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Visual communication without the fluff.


A multi-sized icon system for the Zip 'Own now - pay later' service, ranging from small UI icons to large illustrative versions.

OK, these icons are clearly made for Formula One, but because I'm not paying the official supplier fee, I can't actually say that it was for them. Hey ho

Motorsport Iconography

A unified set designed for a major motorsports broadcaster. Using the brand typeface as the starting point, Hicks developed an icon system for the on screen information graphics.

The new CoveragBook logo is an isometric view of two books to form the letter B on top


A new logo for the PR report service CoverageBook, designed alongside the new identity developed in house.

DuckDuckGo story panels, showing a man in a bath with periscope watching him, a ghost chasing a runner, a laboratory creature burning personal information and an alpine climber planting a flag - success!


A series of illustrations for DuckDuckGo – telling the story of the alternative search engine’s unique privacy features. Read more

Curl logo

Curl is a way of avoiding payment cards entirely and enables transactions via username. This was brought out in the @ symbol logomark.

Jilt Identity

Jilt is a service to help ecommerce stores recover sales due to cart abandonment. The metaphor of separation was used in the broken heart logo (made of two 'J's) and the split in the lowercase i.

About us

From our studio in Oxfordshire we have worked for a wide variety of lovely clients. You may recognise our identity work on logos for Firefox, Mailchimp and Shopify, as well as emoticons for Skype. Read more about our services or contact us for help with your next project!

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