2 OS X Questions updated

Sometimes, no end of searching can find the answers your looking for. Indulge me a while, and answer if you can!

  • Does anyone know of a way to attach a powerbook in target disk mode (assuming that Airport would be too slow) to my G5, and work from it’s home folder, instead of the one on my G5? Remote Desktop would sort of do this for me, but it seems like a expensive solution for just 2 computers. I guess I’m looking for a powerbook equivalent to the ’Home on an iPod" idea, where my powerbook has all the files.
    Simply connecting the powerbook to my monitor isn’t that simple, as I would have to get a ADC to DVI convertor and use up the only firewire port on the powerbook. Sure, I have a Firewire hub, but there are other issues there.

FIXED : Thanks to Ole. I’ve now booted up from the powerbook, by starting it in target disk mode, and then booting the G5 with the alt key down. I choose the other machine and boom! It works a treat! I can also access any files on the G5, as well all use all the devices attached to it. This is perfect, apart from one bizarre side effect. iTunes will suddenly ask for authorization to play your iTMS music, and then when you reboot as just the powerbook, it asks you again! Therefore using up your 5 computer limit in no time. Eek!

  • Has anyone had issues using the Apple Wireless Mouse? The movement on mine is decidedly odd and jerky, even with full batteries. Is this just how they are - do people put up with this for the benefit of wireless? Or does everyone else’s move as slickly as their USB mouse?

Even as I post this, I have the nagging voice in the back of my head saying ‘Ask Shaun Inman…’.


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