A list of typography things

  • I love shopping for type, and have just started a de.licio.us tag for typeIwanttobuy, a kind of Amazon wishlist. As you can see - they’re mostly from Veer. The experience of browsing, previewing and puchasing type from Veer is the best I’ve found anywhere, its a joy to use. The fact that you can preview your own text, and download a gif image (with no watermarks) is so much more usable than the normal flash-based font preview utilities.
  • There are many ‘font finder’ type utilities on the interweb, but one I’ve recently discovered - Fontshop’s Type Navigator - is definitely worth a try.
  • I recently gave the new improved-for-Tiger Apple Font Book at spin, and went through hell. I love the simple, ordered interface of the app, but it really caused suffering with my font menus. Typefaces that should’ve been disabled were showing up, and it was as slow as molasses. I went back to Suitcase X1, and all was well with the world once more - especially in my Adobe apps with fonts being auto-activated.
  • The day I organised my fonts by foundry and added each foundry folder to Suitcase was time well spent. I don’t get out much.
  • Welcome to the new type foundry Village, with the beautiful face Omnes by Joshua Darden, creator of the popular Freight Family. Expect to see this adorning freshly designed sites soon.


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