A little browser quandary

which one to choose...

For me, choosing a default browser on my PC was very, very easy. Should I use IE with its basic features and crappy standards support? Opera with its flashing ad banners, and messy interface? Hmmm, it’ll be Firefox then.

However, for the last year, I’ve been unable to stick to one browser on OS X as my default for long. I don’t have this problem in any other area - default text editor: skEdit, default DTP app: InDesign CS. No other Mac user I know seems to have this problem - they just use Safari all the way. I flick between browsers as much as 5 times a day, and I’m starting to really bore myself with it. Switching is inevitable, as no one browser will be able to do absolutely everything you want it to, but I would really like to decide on main browser. I’d like to get a life please.

At the moment its more or less a 2 horse race between Saftari* and Omniweb 5, but there is still the occasional dalliance with Camino and Firefox. I’ve been really wowed by the latest Omniweb 5 betas, if you tried an earlier version and gave it up for being too crashy, try it again. At least the latest Opera 7 Mac beta is an ugly duckling, and iCab still doesn’t ‘do’ CSS, so that helps to narrow the choice a bit.

This post was intended to be a bit of personal browser-therapy - admit to my obsessive problem, hoping that you don’t start avoiding me in the street, and invite you to let me know your thoughts. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have a definite favourite? Let me know. If I can get almost 200 comments for doing a little icon, hopefully you’re all dying to let me know your opinion!

*Apologies if you find my pet name for Safari with saft annoying. I’m not going to stop though.