Bloglines Skin 1.4.1

I’m really not sure how to go about numbering these things, but here’s the next version anyway.

The first obvious change is that the header is now a generic shiny Aqua blue:

Bloglines Skin Blue in Camino

Apart from the loss of wood. this version is all about improving the sidebar:

  • Now uses a home-grown version of the standard Feed icon, rather the one straight from
  • Background changed to the style sidebar colour.
  • The splitter/thing-to-hide-the-sidebar is now transparent but still works (aim for the new Tiger style splitter).
  • The Add | Edit | Options menu is now at the bottom of the sidebar as icons. This is all fine, except for the Edit screen where you lose the last two off that list. I’m still trying to work out a way around that one.
  • Changed the edit screen’s yellow instructions boxes and icons to suit
  • General tweaks and improvements

Update This should fix the problems reported regarding margins. Please re-download and try!

The next version will focus more on improving the main display of feed items. Again, let me know of any bugs, wishes or suggestions.

Finally a wee word about performance. The CSS file is now 28k, and while I don’t notice any performance hit, you might. When the skin feels like its really ‘done’, I’ll optimise it to try and reduce the load. However, if it’s making Bloglines too slow for you to use, then don’t use it!


Bloglines skin for Camino or Firefox
Bloglines Skin for Safari, Omniweb and Opera

Installation Instructions are available on the original post


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