Bryan Font - v1.3

My dad, me and my brothers on the Echills Wood Miniature Railway in Stoneleigh Warwickshire

I've updated the Bryan Font again, with some key updates:


A key missing character from my initial font research was the uppercase Q. I made my best guess based on the shape of the O, and the tail of the R. I finally found a good example last week, and while I wasn't far off, I wanted to update the character to represent his stylistic choice of a longer tail:

Comparison of the old and new Q shape, with a diagram showing the strokes used to construct it

This also shows how the start and end of strokes can differ. The round stroke of the Q starts light, and then larger at the end where there is some ink bleed. However the tail starts thick and becomes lighter as it's lifted off at the end.

ẞ and ß

In v1.1 II added the lowercase sharp S 'Eszett' character (ß), but not the 'newer' uppercase ẞ. I've been researching and gathering opinion on the uppercase character for a while, and while I don't have access to experts like Erik Spiekermann, but my friend Marc Thiele does! Their view was that it wasn't necessary (ugly even) and I felt my Dad wouldn't have used such a modern glyph.

People have still been asking for it, though, and this YouTube video on the Capital Sharp S makes a good case for one. There are different use cases for SS and ẞ, but they're separate characters in the font. So it makes to add an uppercase ẞ to the set as well, which also makes the font feel more complete to me. I've also added a stylistic alternative for the lowercase ß, which doesn't include the bar. My dad would've used this extra flourish, but for those who prefer a simpler ß, the option is there.

Bryan Signature

I've also added a discretionary ligature for my dad's signature (typing 'Bryan'), and made a Br ligature for this in the process. Here are all the additions to this version:

Illustration of the new Bryan signature ligature, Br ligature, uppercase Q, and German Eszett Characters


While didn't blog about it, v1.2 featured the following changes: