Doctor Who Series 7

Finally, an airdate has been announced, and the new series of Doctor Who will start on Saturday September 1st at 7:20pm! Leading up to the first episode there will a 5 part mini-series called ‘Pond Life’ explaining what has happened to the Ponds since the Christmas episode

Leigh recently told me that she was “missing me being excited about a new series”. That’s not just because of the longer wait between series, but that I felt a little bit disappointed by much of Series 6. It had gems - ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ by Neil Gamain, and ‘The Girl who Waited’ were standouts for me, but the story arc felt overwrought and left too many questions (not in a good way).

This year, there are format changes, first of all, no 2 parters. Not that I have a problem with two-parters, some of the best stories have been in that format (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Human Nature/Family of Blood) and I’ve often felt that 45 mins isn’t long enough to allow a story to unfold, like the rushed ‘Lets Kill Hitler’ from last year. There are of course stories that work brilliantly in the allotted time, Blink and Vincent & the Doctor spring to mind, so lets see.

The other change is no story arcs. Again, I’m not against these in principle, as they provide a overall narrative, and I love the mystery of their meaning (‘Eyepatch Lady’ from last year did work for me). However, they can labour stories needlessly, so it will interesting to see if their removal will make a difference.

We’ll get just 6 episodes this year, with the last one being the Christmas Episode. The other 6 or 7 will be shown at some point next year. Here’s what we’ve got to come this year (WARNING: may contain spoilers - I don’t know what counts as a spoiler these days):

Asylum of the Daleks

Every kind of Dalek ever. I wasn’t sure how many they’d include, but even the Special Weapons Dalek from Remeberance of the Daleks is there (and apparently one that was only ever seen in Russell T Davies’ apartment). The teaser features them all shouting ‘SAVE THE DALEKS’ before the trio get pushed down an energy pipe to a snowy planet.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Despite the title, the cast looks promising for this one! The Doctor lands on a spaceship that contains… dinosaurs… and is accompanied by Amy, Rory, Rory’s father Brian (Mark Williams), Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele), and an Edwardian explorer (Rupert Graves).

A Town Called Mercy

Filmed in Spain (doubling as ‘The Wild West’) it features fairly heavily in the Teaser Trailer with a cyborg called ‘The Reckoner’.

The Power of Three

Little is known about this episode, other than it features UNIT (hurrah!), black cubes and “will celebrate Amy and Rory’s time with the Doctor by telling it from their point of view and examining the influence of him on their lives”.

The Angels take Manhattan

Amy and Rory’s final episode, which the Who Team have been at great pains to tell us is ‘heartbreaking’ at every possible opportunity, but also “not what you’d expect”. Features River Song (posing as “Melody Malone”), and unlike the Dalek story, some of this really was filmed in New York (although some bits are still in Cardiff). It also features the Weeping Angels (hmm, are there are any FAMOUS STATUES in New York? ;) )

Christmas Episode (not yet named but could be ‘The Snowman’)

Set in the 1890s, it Introduces the new companion, Clara Oswin, played by Jenna Coleman and features Richard E Grant as the villain of the piece. Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax (from A Good Man goes to War) will also return (yay!). have a great breakdown of all the images in the teaser trailer, as well as comprehensive what we know about series 7.

Lets get cracking!