Dr Who Season 4

5th April is the confirmed date for the new season of Dr Who! Mixture of excitement and worry about this one - I don’t know anyone who thinks ‘Donna Noble’ is a good idea, but then I though that about Billie Piper, and how wrong I was.

On YouTube you can see the cinema trailer that doesn’t appear on telly until 29th March. It features interesting spoilers and not too many ‘running away from explosions’ shots:

As I did last year, I’m putting together a subscribable calendar for the new season. So far, not a huge deal of information is known, but in some cases there are at least suggested titles. You can subscribe to the Dr Who Season 4 Calendar right now, and as I find out more, I’ll update it.

What we do know about this series is:

  • Return of the Sontarans (played by Mike from the The Young Ones). Yay!
  • Agatha Christie!
  • Pompeii!
  • David Troughton and a mysterious library! It’s a 2 parter written by Steven Moffat, so you know that at least this one will be good.
  • Big 3 part finale with Martha, Rose, Sarah Jane and Captain Jack. It sounds overblown, but I hope I’m wrong.

Hopefully they’ll give Dalek Caan a rest this year, bless im.


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