6 egg paintings of eggs in a black non-stick pan. The pan handle isn't shown, and the eggs often look like faces

I recently read about how someone who wanted a daily drawing challenge, and to take away the burden of "what to draw?" they always drew the front cover photo from a newspaper. In the same vein, I chose to paint my eggs.

I love eggs. Most days I cook eggs, in fact I eat so many that I get them delivered weekly by a local freerange farm, Mayfield Eggs. If there's a day when I don't eat eggs I'm usually disappointed. I must eat more eggs than is good for me, but they're absolutely delicious.

So when I cook them, I take a photo of them, eat them, and then paint them with vector brushes in Adobe Fresco on the iPad Pro. It's a simple process that now takes me a couple of minutes, which includes committing them to the Git repo for my site (via the Working Copy app) along with creating a markdown file containing the alt text (created in Textastic), and any caption I decide to write. This then gets pushed, and automatically deployed live to my site via DeployHQ. Kirby then looks at my 'eggs' folder and displays all the images therein. Simple, and all done on the iPad.

I repeat the alt attribute in a title attribute for the <figure> element containing the image, so do hover over for an old-fashioned tooltip. I get almost as much satisfaction from writing descriptions of the eggs as painting them.

That's enough talk, show me the eggs!