Extending Safari 3: Stand

I’ve recently discovered another plug-in for Safari, called Stand. I can’t tell you a whole lot of detail about it, as the site is written in Japanese. What I can tell you is that its free, and it allows you to do the following slick actions:

  • Allow syntax colouring in viewed source (no control over colours used though)
  • Specify a font and size for viewed source (I like this - I have a thing about using Lucida Grande for source view).
  • Search your bookmarks and history (very nice, although I tend to use Quicksilver to find bookmarks quickly, this is even faster).
  • Specify that all links to a ‘_blank’ target open in a new tab instead of a new window. This is nice.
  • Save tab layouts as workspaces alá Omniweb.
  • Assign categories, colour labels and comments to new bookmarks
  • Create search shortcuts (as in Sogudi and Saft)
  • ‘Site Alteration’. This allows you some basic preferences on a per site basis, such as what encoding to use, and whether images, pop-ups, plug-ins or javascript are to be allowed.
  • Remove favicons.
  • Set a time delay for auto-closing the downloads window after completion.
  • It also seems to add ‘Copy Link HTML Tag’ command to the context menu when ctrl-clicking links. (I’ve only just noticed this though, so it could’ve been there all along!)

This is a beta, so although I could save windows as workspaces, I couldn’t find a way of reopening them. There is also a window called the ‘Stand Bar’, which includes searchable bookmarks and history again, plus 2 other menus which haven’t been ‘hooked up’ yet.

Having said all that, it appears to be very stable, and chuffed with my lovely new source view. Its another worthwhile addition to make Safari the browser it should be.


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