Google Reader Theme Fixed Again

OK, gReader theme fixed (I think). Google made some markup changes, for instance, Tag folders and Subscription icons once had classes of ‘icon’ and ‘icon-sub’ respectively, but now are both just ‘icon’. Fortunately there are still hooks in the markup to hack into.

v 0.86 ‘The Windermere’

*In order to do this, I’ve had to remove the big-assed loading graphic from the CSS in order to get in under userstyles file limit. I’ll look at ways of getting that back in later.

Further work on the display of entries still to come…


Download, or if you use Stylish with Firefox/Flock, install at There are 2 versions, one for Mozilla browsers and one for WebKit & Opera.

Firefox & Flock

Once you have the Stylish extension installed, you can do a One click install into Stylish at If you don’t want to use Stylish, follow the Camino method below.


Add the following @import rule into the top line of your /Library/Application Support/Camino/chrome/userContent.css file, (or create it if it doesn’t exist).

@import url(greader.css);

Place the greader.css file in the same chrome folder. The theme will be applied when you restart Camino.


Once Safaristand is installed, place the greader.css file in your user/Library/Safari/Stand/UserStyleSheets folder. Then visit Google Reader, go to SafariStand > Settings > Site Alteration. Add the site, enable Site Alteration and choose the greader file from the list. Make sure the matching pattern is just You may have to empty your cache, restart Safari and refresh before seeing any changes!


In Site Preferences > Page Appearance, choose the greader.css file under ‘Style Sheet’. The change should happen instantly!


Put the greader.css file anywhere you like! Right-click on the Google Reader page, choose "Edit Site Preferences" and select the CSS file through the display tab, under ‘My Style Sheet’. Like Omniweb, the change should apply immediately.