gReader 1.2: The "Yes, yes, yes, I know they added a search bar" release

The “Yes, yes, yes, I know they added a search bar” release

Here we go then, pretty much all cleaned up and ready to use! Apart from the tidying up, having the search bar meant there was space to show the account bar (which was previously hidden until you hovered over it). Also, the splitter icon in the status bar bottom right now actually toggles the sidebar when you click it!

New search bar in the google reader theme

The info.rtf file also lists known bugs, and areas that I intend to work on in the future. Stylish users, you will need to update both the main style and the spinner.

Changes for 1.2

  • Fixed messiness caused by the new search bar, such as the sidebar width
  • Status Bar in the right hand pane now collapses properly to the left when the sidebar is hidden
  • The new sidebar toggle has been replaced by the OS X style splitter bottom left (so now it actually does something!)
  • Loading notification re-instated
  • Search inputs and button restyled (looks best in webkit browsers)
  • The Account bar is now visible - no longer hidden until hover

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