gReader 1.4 - 'The my goodness I almost gave up on this one' release

Updating the gReader theme to work with the new Friends Shared Items feature introduced last year, has been, quite frankly, a royal pain the arse. I almost gave up on the theme a few times along the way, but I’m chuffed to be able to say, here’s the updated theme! I don’t doubt that this has introduced new bugs, but let me off the hook for now eh?

Google Reader theme - new sidebar

Changes for 1.4

  • Supports the friends shared items feature - the sidebar reflows when the shared items is toggled on/off
  • Removed a fair few lines of redundant code
  • New icons! Updated trends, and wee ‘friends’ icons.
  • Leopard-ized sidebar, with new, smaller folder icons, and generally a bit tightened up. The Leopard style makes the most sense with the Friends and Show lists
  • Page view tabs (‘Expanded view’ & ‘List view’) are now more osx-y.
  • Various other bug fixes, like ‘Refresh’ on the status bar being clickable again. Thanks must go to Daniel Haas, Matt Wiebe, Martin Ström, Tomasz ?wik and ChoGGi for all submitting patches! It’s people like you that make me keep on updating this theme.

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