Grumpy old man

The older I get, the grumpier I get. I didn’t see this coming, but nowadays I feel more need to rant about the crap things than before:

  • You see a nice looking site on Netdiver or Styleboost. You think to yourself “Mmm, I’m gonna get me a look at that tasty looking site”. You click the link, all innocent. A BIG FULL SCREEN POP UP WINDOW TAKES OVER THE WHOLE CHUFFING SCREEN!!
  • Flippin’ Google Ads between the blog entry and the comments. I’m not against Google Ads (I’ve flirted with them on PimpMySafari after all), but this particular placement annoys the hell out of me. Obviously this is a good placement for the blog owner concerned. Thank goodness for ad-blocking.
  • Self made Job titles like ‘User Experience Architect’. Aaargh.

Other rants

  • When you buy food that has a ‘serving suggestion’, in which the photo suggests you put the food on a plate. Thanks for the help.
  • Straplines that claim that the product is “XXX your Way”. The worst one I heard came tonight on a toothpaste advert - “Its your mouth, brush it your way!”
  • That on channels like Nick Jr, a channel for pre-school children and above, the adverts are predominantly for loan consolidation (“worried about you debts? Feeling like there is no way out?”). The worst one was for chuffin’ burglar alarms, depicting a masked man breaking into a house at night when everyone was asleep!

I’ll spare you more of this curmudgeonly behaviour. Normal ‘happy and poppy’ service will be resumed…



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