Hicks' Albums of 2019

Albums of the year

It’s that time again! A music post is mandatory around these parts, I’ve been doing it since the early ’90s and it’s as much a record for me.

As not all albums in this list came out in 2019, I’ve included years in the list:

  1. ‘New Hell’ - Greet Death (2019)
    The top spot goes to my most played album this year, and it only came out in November. The Michigan trio have made an outstanding second album, starting with shoe gaze, but combining stoner rock and even a twang of country on one track. Hits the spot for me every time. Standout tracks: You’re gonna hate what you’ve done, Strange Days, New Hell (a nearly ten minute epic that builds and builds!).
  2. ‘Silencia’ - Hammock (2019)
    Anything by Hammock is an immediate inclusion. Post-Rock, Neo-Classical, call it what you will - it’s the most soothing sounds I’ve ever heard. Standout tracks: Slowly You Dissolve, Life is Life, Without Form And Void.
  3. ‘Native Lights’ - Native Lights (2015)
    Discovering Ester Drang late last year led me to ‘Native Lights’, a project from the Drang’s lead singer Bryce Chambers, and Jonathon Ford of Unwed Sailor. Their only album was this self-titled debut released in 2015, but I’ve played it a lot this year. Standout tracks: Blue Star, White Elephant, Stalins Organs.
  4. ‘I’m Easy to Find’ - The National (2019)
    This album’s sixteen track list could’ve done with a bit of pruning, but it’s still another quality item from The National. Standout tracks: Rylan, Hey Rosey, Not in Kansas.
  5. ‘LP3’ - American Football (2019)
    Mike Kinsella has made more albums as ‘Owen’ than as American Football, but they’ve made it to LP3! Standout tracks: Heir Apparent, Mine to Miss, Life Support.
  6. ‘Strangers in the Alps’ - Phoebe Bridgers (2017)
    This has been the year that I discovered the brilliant Phoebe Bridgers, and all all her prolific side projects with other artists, such as Boy Genius and Better Oblivion Community Center. I also got the chance to see her live at the Mirrors Festival in Camden back in November, and she was awesome. Standout tracks: Smoke signals, Scott Street, You Missed My Heart.
  7. ‘Invitation’ - Heather Woods Broderick (2019)
    At last, a follow-up to 2015’s ‘Glider’! Standout tracks: Where I Lay, Quicksand, My Sunny One.
  8. ‘My Phoenix’ - Pedro the Lion (2019)
    It’s been a long time since David Bazan has released anything under the ‘Pedro the Lion’ name, but it’s a great return Standout tracks: Yellow Bike, Circle K, Quietest Friend, All Seeing Eye.
  9. ‘Yawn’ - Bill Ryder-Jones (2018)
    West Kirby’s Bill Ryder-Jones is a master in sparse but epic music. Standout tracks: Recover, Mither, No One’s Trying To Kill You.

Honorable Mentions

’Grey Area’ - Little Simz
’Better Oblivion Community Center’ - Better Oblivion Community Center (2019)
‘This is not a safe place’ - Ride
‘Ladytron’ - Ladytron
‘For the morning’ - Tyler Ramsey
‘Young in my head’ - Starflyer 59*
‘Radiant dawn’ - Operators
‘The undivided five’ - A Winged Victory for the Sullen
‘Until the tide creeps in’ - Penelope Isles
‘Fear Inoculum’ - Tool
‘The Soft Cavalry’ - The Soft Cavalry
‘Future ruins’ - Swervedriver

*This is the first time ever, that a Starflyer 59 album has not made it onto the top list :o

Finally, here’s a Spotify Playlist of all my favourite songs/tracks from the year. Happy New Year folks!