Hicksmade post and ceramic rings

Leigh, the lovely other half of the Hicks.design partnership, has launched her new shop today at Hicksmade.com! While she's worked in my many arts and crafts mediums in the past, ceramics have been the main focus since 2017.

Raw clay budvase with white gloss dipped glaze

Welcome! My name is Leigh, and I'm a potter living in Oxfordshire - I'm originally from Scotland and my accent lingers! I mainly hand-throw pieces on my potters wheel, and occasional handbuilt pieces. I use white stoneware clay, fired to 1260Âșc, with food safe glazes.

Whilst I strive to make beautiful, visually pleasing items, they are first and foremost functional, to be used day to day and bring a smile to daily life!

I particularly love her work in black and white - the contrast of thick glossy white glaze against the flat matt charcoal or raw clay. Where the two meet creates some subtle textures and tones:

Black and White Bowl
White glazed mug with wide black charcoal brush strokes

A lot of the first batch is already selling out before I could get this post up, but there's more stock to follow soon. Leigh is also taking on commissions if you have a custom piece in mind. Go and browse the shop and see work in progress on her Instagram