Hill House font in use: Red Cask Co.

A close up of the label, printed white text directly onto the bottle. The text reads 'The Red Cask Company, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 12 years'. The whisky gives a nice warm orangey brown background to the text.

My Hill House font in use - this time on single malts!

I love seeing where my fonts (such as they are) end up being used. A recent use of my Charles Rennie Mackintosh style Hill House font is by the The Red Cask Company , who use the font for their logo and range of single malts. What a gorgeous colour to have behind the typeface! The designer for this project is Jamie Stewart (email)

Three bottles of Red Cask Company whisky next to their cardboard presentation boxes.

I'm still waiting for my free bottle though 😉

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