History Flow

Screenshot of coverflow style method of viewing browser history

This is just superb.

Hetima had created a rudimentary version of this in an earlier version of SafariStand, but this has gone way beyond that. Rather than having to navigate to a folder in the Finder, this view is now activated via the History Menu. The web page thumbnails are better quality, and searchable too.

You can navigate using the arrow keys, and when you see the site you want, press return. It opens the site in a new tab, and closes the history flow panel.

Perfect for those ‘I can’t remember what it was called, but I can remember what it looked like’ moments. I tend to think visually about certain sites. I can’t help but just use Safari these days, and part of the reason is SafariStand.

Download from http://hetima.com/safari/stand-e.html