IE 5 Mac notes

Some IE 5 Mac things I recently discovered:

IE 5 Mac won’t float a bunch of <div>’s,`<ul>’s etc. unless you specify a width for them.

When I applied the Tom Gilder image replacement method to elements such as the site logo, Safari added a huge horizontal scrollbar (presumably 1000em wide). This only seemed to happen when the image was within nested divs, positioned absolutely. To get around this, all I had to was add overflow:hidden.

The reason that the image wouldn’t then show in IE5 Mac, was this extra overflow:hidden rule. As this isn’t needed in all cases, it can added as needed using the commented backlash hack:

/*  IE 5 hack \*/
    #logo a {overflow: hidden;}
    /* end hack */ 

My copy of Panther still hasn’t arrived, so I haven’t been able to test whether this is ‘fixed’ in version 1.1. I say ‘fixed’ as I’m not sure this can called a bug.

*Update - this is no longer a problem in Safari 1.1. Huzzah for that, but 1.1 is so far only available to Panther users.