I'm back

Boy, did I need that break. There’s a mound of emails to work through, so if you’ve contacted me, please hang on, I’ll get there.

While I’ve been away, there’s been a few goings on…

  • Dunstan has launched version 2 of his site, with even more sorcery and dark arts powering the site. Can you tell that he’s switched to Mac recently? Well done Dunstan.
  • The IE development team (don’t laugh) have a blog. Good on them for allowing comments, but as Dave Shea remarked, any good that comes of this won’t affect our lives for years yet. Priceless quote from their round up of initial comments:

IEv6x is the Courtney Love browser in a world of Kirsten Dunst browsers

  • Omnigroup released the version 5 release candidate 1. This means that we’re finally getting close to a proper release. More importantly, it means we’re closer to 5.1 - where they incorporate the latest WebCore (currently 1.2). Its faster, more stable and delightful to use as ever. The do-anything-you-want-to-with-them tabs and comprehensive history and bookmark searching keep me coming back to this sweet browser.
  • While I’ve been away, I’ve finally come up with a replacement design. Its taken me 9 months to find a design that I’m happy with. Its nothing to get excited about, and it will take me while to get it implemented, but at least I’m on the way.

More soon. Be well…


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