iPad Pro as Computer - one year on

It’s been a year since I wrote that big-assed blogpost about trying to use my iPad Pro as my main computer, so I thought it was time for a follow-up. Because I haven’t been using the iPad Pro as my main computer, despite trying. Here’s two reasons why…


I’ve tried various adjustable stands, cases and setups, but the monitor+keyboard+mouse is still my preferred setup for working more than an hour or so. Using a sturdy laptop stand like this one below helps your back and neck a lot, and gives you a Microsoft Surface Studio-esque adjustable position. However, there is too much distance between keyboard and screen for those times when you need to interact with the screen.

As well as desk use, there is also the use case of ‘lap-ability’ though. A MacBook is easy to use in your lap, but an iPad in its case varies in the levels of sturdiness from terrible to sort of bearable.

I’ve also tried a lot of keyboard/cases and the perfect one still doesn’t exist. I want one that: