Link Dump

I haven’t done a link dump for a while, and I’d like to highlight the sites that have done it for me recently.

First, here are some new (well, new to me) blogs I have been reading in the last month: Skinny J, Row Boat, X Lab, Just watch the sky, Acts of Volition, I live on your visits.

Special mentions to these three:

  • Playground Blues - After all the hoo-ha about Stopdesign and Simplebits going fixed (and Stopdesign going back again), it’s good to see new sites using fluid layouts really well. Not all sections of the site are ready, but it all shows great promise. I wish I’d done it first!

  • You Grow Girl - At last, a gardening site that isn’t twee or marketed at the 50 years plus. Well written, practical and inspiring articles, plus global journals from gardeners. It also avoids the clichés of Gardening magazines (‘A Passion for Paeonies’, ‘10 Easy Shrubs’ …). Gardening is cool, here’s all the proof you need. Thanks to the CSS Vault for this one.

  • Adam Polselli - This man is a godsend to the colourblind designer. Not only does he supply a series of theme templates, but he has also forecasted what colourschemes will be in for 2004. His site is an absolute delight to behold and the writing is high qualty. I’m ashamed it’s taken me so long to discover it.



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