Many thoughts in my head, here are some of them

  • I’m already working on a redesign of hicksdesign - probably combining my portfolio and personal site. I’m not sure whether to keep along the same lines or do something more minimal like Big Spaceship? There’s certainly room for improving accessibility. Do you have any bugbears? Sick of the scrolling box thing? Let me know.

  • My logo submission was accepted for Waizilla, the Mozilla plug in for testing accessibility.

  • I’ve just created a new application icon for my favourite text editor - skEdit, and it’s currently being used on the beta’s. The beta’s include a wonderful ‘colour blender’ feature, perfect for making tints of web colours.

  • Mozile for Mozilla is great idea. It gives you the ability to edit a page from within a browser. Much like Macromedia Contribute, only free and completely cross platform.

  • My new G5 is just fantastic. I just thought I’d drop that one in.

  • Panther is coming! Until then I’ve been using the elegant Panther theme from C.O.T.L GUI Studio - makes Camino look delicious, and hasn’t screwed up my mac.

  • While I’m on Camino, development is livening up again, with some fresh blood on board.

  • I’ve been up keeping a seperate ‘sidenotes’ area, where I link to other sites/stories of current interest. Once I’ve worked out how to get the right URLs, I’ll add an XML feed for it.

  • A List Apart is back with version 3!, with a fresh, sumptuous design, XML feeds and 3 articles by heavyweights Joe Clark, Doug Bowman and Dan Benjamin. It’s obvious that a lot of work has been put into redoing the site from top to bottom.

  • I’ll be 31 next week. A shopping trip for a pipe and a pouch of fine tobacco are called for I think.



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