lists of 2003

The end of the year is nearly upon us, and the time is ripe for a nostalgic look back over the year. In true boy-fashion, this reminiscing is reduced to a series of lists:


  • Daniel Hicks

    The main joy this year was the birth of my son Daniel (my mini-me) back in April. We are now a family of four.

  • Started playing with XHTML and CSS properly at the same time, I’d no idea where it’d lead…

  • Being linked to by Zeldman, Shea and everyone else kind enough. I’ve been overwhelmed by the sense of community and just plain nice folks out there.

  • Finally getting an iPod. As our American cousins would say, ‘It rocks’. It goes with me everywhere, in the car, on walks, even the loo. My life now has a soundtrack.


  • “Growing on me” by The Darkness

  • “Light and Day” by The Polyphonic Spree

  • “Am I wrong?” by the Mull Historical Society

  • “The supermarket strikes back” by the Mull Historical Society

  • “Second Sight” by Placebo

  • “The Laws have changed” by The New Pornographers

  • “Natural Anthem” by The Postal Service


Strong Bad Emails:

Inspirational Websites:

There are so many sites that visit/read and enjoy, so this is slightly unfair. But these are the ones that I wish I’d done…

I’d love to know what you’d have in your top lists…


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