Loo Copywriting

While travelling this Christmas, I came upon some copywriting in a loo that I took umbridge with:

Cant find the hand towels? Meet the new hand-dryer. It'll dry your hands completely in 10-15 seconds, using 80% less energy than traditional dryers. Still missing the hand towels? Well now, theres always your jeans

10-15 seconds and 80% less energy? Rather than 2 seconds and 0% energy? It’s really that last sarcastic last line that got to me though. It’s like the signs you get in hotels, claiming that they don’t want to wash your towels every day because they’re very concerned about the ‘environment’. ‘Well now’, I DID use my jeans, so that taught them! Fools!

When constructing this bathroom we simply focused on you and the environment. So wherever possible we've used environmentally friendly materials to make your experience a little greener just as nature intended

Since when did we become Americans and start calling the toilet a ‘bathroom’? And surely ‘as nature intended’ would be actually be a large bush?