Looking for desk/office space in Oxfordshire

Ideal desk space is somewhere with natural light

Please note : This is an old post - and I have since found a good office - thanks!

Just like Dan Cederholm I’ve decided it’s time to move out and find some local desk or office space. In the slim chance that someone reading this will know of any workspaces, I have only a few needs:

  • Must be in the Witney or West Oxfordshire region (That’s the UK folks)
  • Broadband access (or the facility to install it)
  • A window too look at outside land.
  • Sharing with other creatives would be ideal, but not essential.

I’m very clean, and come with my own furniture if need be. If you do happen know/have somewhere available, please let me know. If you don’t, please spread the word anyway.


Call Jon Hicks on +44 (0)7917 391536
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Hicks Design
Hexagon House
Avenue 4, Station Lane
Witney, OX28 4BN
United Kingdom