Elon Musk moves fast to bring down the product he paid $44 billion for. In just two weeks of owning Twitter, the list of his idiotic and downright shitty business decisions is shamefully long. It no longer feels like somewhere I want to be, but after 16 years I'm not ready to give up on Twitter yet. Besides, I think Twitter will either sink under his commands, or someone decent like Automattic will pick it up for a song.

Those moving to Mastodon have cited a nicer community, chronological timeline and lack of ads as the main advantages. As someone who only uses Twitterific to view my timeline, along with copious mute words and retweets turned off for some people, Twitter was a really nice place to be for me. I follow accounts like Tree-lined lanes, which are a real breath of fresh air.

Obviously, being a white man who can't be bothered saying anything controversial also contributes to the lack of toxicity. Often I would start a reply or post and give up, either because I thought it too boring or not worth the hassle of the replies that would follow. It meant I would post less, but this is where Mastodon is winning for me. After the initial learning curve, I'm finding a community much like the early days of Twitter, and feeling more relaxed about posting.

I know Mastodon is not for everyone, but for the rest, I can be found on I won't be duplicating posts from Twitter, and I see most of posting happening on Mastodon.