New Design Blogs

With the exception of NetDiver, I don’t go to CSS/’cool website’ showcases for ideas - I’ve discovered a raft of great design blogs that are providing me with a fresh source of inspiration.

Here are my current favourites:

  • Happy Mundane -celebrating good design in the ordinary and everyday. Hits the spot everytime.
  • Waterhalo - A sketchbook based journal. I wish I could find time to do something like this!
  • design*sponge & MocoLoco - biased towards furnishings. Great for colour and shape ideas especially.
  • - this probably doesn’t count as a blog, more of showcase (hah!) of well designed products. Don’t bother with the bizarre RSS feed, I have this saved as my homepage to check it regularly.

Plus, from the comments, there’s another gem! A big thanks to Rachel for Prints & Pattern, and awesome supply of colour, shape/pattern ideas. Also, Dan Malls link for Daily Type. Yum!, my iPhoto scrapbook is bulging!!


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