New Logo for Shopify

Shopify Logo Refresh

In 2010, Hicksdesign undertook a refresh of the Shopify shopping bag logo. As the concept was already in place and recognised, it just needed a much better execution of the idea, fixing the perspective and make it more dynamic. Here’s a side by side, old and new:

Shopify old and new logos

Shopify wanted the shopping bag to look high quality, like the kind of ‘premium’ bag you would get in a luxury brand store. I started with sketches, looking for the right perspective:


Showing the bag from a very low perspective was the right direction. It made the bag look powerful and imposing. This sketch stage was then followed by early ‘vector roughs’, getting the shape and colours mocked up (the idea of making the bag handles form a cutesy smile was shelved early on!):

Shopify Logo early vectors

The final version loses the folds and added cord handles, with green, greyscale and flat variations:

Shopify Logo Refresh

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