Omniweb 5 wishlist

Now that Omniweb 5 is finally released after many months of beta releases, we now have a sturdy, feature filled Webcore based alternative to Safari. For anyone that uses a lot of tabs, OW is godsend, but I’m left with just a few niggles that I would love to see changed in the next version:

  • Preference for ‘Always show tab drawer’. When you have tabs set to open on the left, its annoying when new windows shift when the tab drawer opens.
  • RSS feeds to open in new tabs, not windows.
  • Improve the look of the download manager. Safari gets this right. Its particularly bad when OW is downloading. The text is badly compressed. Just ugly.
  • Use the latest webcore (this is planned for 5.1)
  • Remove the ‘image well’ shadow from the bookmarks toolbar, or introduce a Tiger style look. I’ve actually created a shapeshifter theme just to remove this shadow. I know, you don’t have to tell me I have no life.
  • Ability to save the current set up as workspace, rather than having to create a new space and set it all up first.

I also think the documentation could be a little less waffley and childish. Humour is a difficult one to pull off - and with the PDF manual I felt myself saying “For goodness sake, just get on with it!!!”.

Apologies for yet another browser related post.


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