One Footer in the Grave

Now, I know that even your pet has a flippin' podcast, but this is something Paul Boag, Marcus Lillington, Andy Clarke and I been talking about doing for years now. One Footer in the Grave is our new podcast where we have a monthly natter on a topic. I admit I was sceptical about whether I wanted to be a part of another podcast (I still intend to carry on with Troika and Rissington) but when we met to discuss making the idea finally happen, I had such a good time I couldn't say no. These are the days where we need distractions like this.

The general feel is the "Web Design Retirement Home" where four grumpy old men reminisce about 'how it used to be' and berate modern front-end techniques. Except that the first episode is all about RV'ing around the U.S. I'm sure we'll get around to Tailwind at some point.

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