Pimped Safari Icon

There has been a lot of requests for one of these, so I’ve finally made the PimpMySafari logo into a custom Safari icon!

Screenshot of the application switcher with the new safari icon

Download this zip file to get the icon as an .icns file, iContainer and applied to a folder.

How To Install

There are 3 ways to install the new icon

  • If you have Pixadex, import the iContainer, and apply the icon with Quick Drop
  • Ctrl Click Safari.app and choose “Show Package Contents”. Drop the new compass.icns file into the /Contents/Resources/ folder.
  • Select the folder with the PMS icon, choose Get Info from the Finder (Apple-I). Click the icon and copy (Apple-C). Do the same with the Safari.app but paste intead of copy.

Please note that due to lack of time this icon file does not include 48,32 or 16 pixel resolution components, but should be fine in most situations.



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