PimpMySafari & PimpMyCamino future!

Update : This discussion has shown me that people would rather help out than see it transformed into a Magnolia group, and thats great! I now have to work out the logistics of how to get people more involved, and write up instructions on how to use the back end. This could take me a while to get around to it! In the meantime I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered help!

So far, I’ve managed to burden myself with 2 ‘pimp’ sites now. Both intended as a simple directory of plugins and resources, but each has grown to be updated regularly to inform users of new releases of the plugins, and what they do. Needless to say, there is a lot of time involved in upkeeping these sites, especially with new plugins for Camino popping up regularly at the moment. While I do have helpers on both sites, I can’t help wondering if there is more of a ‘community’ way of generating and updating the information.

My thought was this. What advantage is there over a specially built site with a Magnolia group? With a group, users can help update information easily, as well as creating a forum for discussion. There is already one for Camino and two (1, 2) for Safari! Plugins can even be rated, so is there an advantage to upkeeping a site to spread this information, or should it just be on magnolia?

If you’re a reader of either of these sites, I’d appreciate your thoughts!