Saft has been updated yet again. It was only a week or so ago when Hao Li added the ability to save and restore windows and tabs on quit. Now, check out these new additions:

  • New feature: Customizable HTTP timeout

  • New feature: Separator in bookmark menu

  • New feature: Control-1 to 9 to popup bookmark menu or open bookmark

  • Improvement: Saft contextual menu items for shortcuts grouped in sub-menus

  • Improvement: Open new tab for shortcut searching from contextual menu when
    holding down the option key

Look at that second one. Separators! I wrote to Hao Li asking for this feature, but never thought he would actually do it. How good is that?! The guy is putting Apple to shame with his development speed.

So Hao, if you’re listening. Here’s my next request to keep you busy.


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