testers wanted

Are you bored? Got time to kill? Fancy spending a minute helping me out? Good, I was hoping you’d say that.

I’ve been working on the mouse wheel problem with my site design. As it uses overflow:auto users can’t use the scrollwheels on their mice. I think I’ve got a fix, and it can be scrolled by either keyboard or mousewheel. Problem is, I’m a long way from home with only my G4 powerbook and no PC. Virtual PC has some ‘issues’ too.

So far I know it works in Mac browsers (Safari, Camino, Mozilla, Firebird). I’m looking for feedback on PC browsers with mousewheel users, particularly Mozilla, Opera, IE 5 & 6. It won’t work in IE 5 Mac - but I’ve compensated for it the CSS, so users see a layout with no tricks. In IE on PC scrolling works when hovering over the scrolling area, which I think is normal for IE - please let me know if it isn’t.

Also, at the moment, its fluid width, rather than fixed. I may change that - not sure yet. So if you’d like to help have a look at this test page and let me know.