One ‘archive and install’ later, and I’m now running on 10.4. This is just a quick post to offload the Tiger related thoughts in my head to make room for more important matters.

Apart from all the obvious shiny bits (dashboard, mail 2, saved searches, spotlight, etc) these are things I love so far:

  • Overall it seems very snappy. I’m not sure if this is due to a fresh install, but it feels very responsive and peppy - hooray! Jeff Croft found this too.
  • One of the best features of Safari RSS, which no one seems to have mentioned yet, is the way it handles pages it can’t find. No longer do you get a sheet which you have to ‘OK’. Just a error message displayed in the browser window - just like every other browser, and its so much less irritating for it.
  • Safari’s in-built RSS reader is actually much better than I expected. It now occupies a tab, rather than using the separate, overlayed window that was shown in the preview demonstrations. Great for small amounts of feeds, but lacks features such as mark as read/unread functions to make it practical.
  • NewsFire is faster again, and it doesn’t suffer from the constant crashing that 10.3.9 was causing it to do. I’m torn between this and NetNewsWire yet again, and NewsFire is winning at the moment.
  • I love being able to add the ‘unified toolbar’ look to Omniweb (using Interface Builder), without resorting to shapeshifter themes. I guess this has the potential to be overused in future apps, but personally I love this clean, less anaemic, look.

In contrast there are only a few negative experiences:

  • Mail’s new toolbar icons. What were Apple thinking?
  • To be able to use signatures in Mail, they have to drag and dropped onto the relevant account icon in the signatures preferences. Trouble is, no accounts were showing up, and the only way to get to show up was to remove them all and add them again.
  • I really miss uControl. So far, its the only app I’ve found that either doesn’t work or hasn’t been updated for Tiger. If anyone knows of a similiar app (Sidetrack isn’t quite the same thing), that uses a keystroke and mouse movement to emulate a scrollwheel - I’d love to know about it.
  • Dashboard is slow to startup, but once you let all your widgets load, switching to it is real quick.
  • When opening a new safari window, the focus used to go straight to the location bar, not any more. Grrr! - not anymore - strangeness!
  • Word hinting that I used every day in Safari (alt-escape after typing a few letters) is no more. Does anyone know the new key combo?" - again, back to normal, more strangeness!


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