Tiger Theme for Omniweb 5.5

I’ve finally updated my Omniweb theme to work with the sneaky peeks

Tiger theme for Omniweb 5.5

Changes for this version include:

  • New Icons: Mark page, Next Mark, Previous Mark, Favourites Folder, News Feed Folder. Thanks go to Dan Carson who created the ‘Mark page’ and ‘Favourites folder’ icons.
  • Added ‘small size’ icons for the main toolbar icons.
  • Improved close tab icons.
  • Added the large bookmarks image for the tab drawer.
  • Redone splash page.
  • It no longer replaces the Omniweb application icon.
  • Downloads window - tweaked to allow it to be resized narrower (like Safari). This may compress text when smaller, but I prefer a narrower window
  • Workspaces window- Changed from a ‘utility’ window to a normal one, with margins removed.
  • New Change (4.5.06)- Improved the smoothness of the Safari-esque buttons. Please re-download and re-install to get the improved icons.

As before, if you want to pick and choose which icons you want to install, all the original files are included, as well as goodies folders of applescripts and sample workspaces. Don’t forget to back up Omniweb first.

Download the Tiger theme for Omniweb 5.5 (888k)


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