Truck Signage

A view of the Truck store in Witney from the left, showing the new white on black fascia board, with small illuminated sign at 90º to the shop. There are racks of CDs and posters in the window.

So happy to see the replacement signage I designed for local independent record store TRUCK has finally been installed in Witney!

The original Rapture sign at the entrance to the shop, seen through the stone arches of the Woolgate Centre in Witney. I'm reflected in the window on the right.
The original signage. The extended font was based on Radiohead's The Bends album cover, but using Arial instead of Eurostile

Replacing the old 'Rapture' sign created in 2004, this is part of the rebrand to align naming with its sister store in Oxford. The sign includes a subtle black on dark grey Truck Monster, with glowing eyes.