Using things for other things

Use your IMAP email account as a way of storing notes to view between machines. In the ‘To’ field, write a category (such as ‘To do’) and the note name in the subject, and save as a draft.

Set up a web scrapbook album in iPhoto. See an icon or logo you like? Stick it in there. Like a site design/colour scheme? Take a screenshot and bung that in there too. It may not be there next time you look. (A wee mention for Chronosync which can sync your iPhoto libraries, as well as everything else on your Mac).

Use the superb Sidenote to store a collection of form widgets/logos for use on side design mockups. Copying and pasting from The Designers Toolbox works a treat.

Sidenote, with widgets

You can also drop files (which creates an alias) or links in there for easy access/relevance to the note.

How about using NetNewsWire as a browser? It has many browser features beyond the tabbed browsing interface, such as appearance settings and downloads manager. It uses the same Safari shortcuts for navigating pages and tabs, and saves your tabs between launches. What’s more, tab setups can be synced across macs with either a .mac or FTP account. It shares cookies with Safari, so if you already have your details saved for someones blog comments, the fields will be autofilled as they would be in Safari. Extend its functionality by:

  • Using a Floppymoose usercontent.css file, for ad-blocking abilities.
  • Drag and dropyour Firefox bookmarks.html file into a tab. As NNW remember tabs when you shut down, you can keep this open all the time to see your bookmarks. Cmd-click will open your bookmarks in a new tab as normal.
  • Setting your ‘External weblog Editor’ to ‘Cocoalicious’, so that you can add links to delicious by using ‘post to weblog’. Alternatively, use this applescript to post via Safari (will also work in Omniweb, just change the application name in the script).
  • Bookmark a site in Omniweb with this applescript.
  • Take this a little further with the web apps now available, NetNewsWire becomes an email client (GMail) and Project Manager (Basecamp etc).

Please share if you have anymore!


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