Weekend Cheese Entertainment

There is nothing more noble in this life, (NOTHING I tell you) than pursuit of fine cheese. It just so happens that this weekend is the Great British Cheese Festival and it’s practically on my very doorstep in the grounds of the beautiful Blenheim Palace. Over 100 cheese makers will be attending, and I am so going to be there. Wish me luck in my search for Stinking Bishop.

Heart of England Cheese stand

Ilchester sir, its very popular round these parts…

Stinking Bishop cheeses

A gaggle of Stinking Bishops

Later on : I have never seen or smelt so many cheeses, made by people who really care about cheesemaking. The roll call of cheeses purchased:

  • Stinking Bishop (soft cheese, with rind washed in Perry)
  • Oakwood Smoked (Creamy Cheddary, with strong smoked flavour)
  • Goats Cheese with Chillies (Mild creamy, then goes very hot)
  • St Dunstan (nutty creamy ‘alpine’ cheese), bought in honour of a missing countryman.
  • Various cheeses from Ilchester Cheeses, such as smoked applewood, and abbeydale.

Also, we got some rather special Minty Lamb pies from the pie minister. Top notch. All we need now is separate ‘Cheese Fridge’, not least to contain the smell of the Stinking Bishop…

Even later on : The Stinking Bishop all went in one go - absolutely delicious.


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