Weeknotes 14.12.19

Last week my thoughts were dominated by one thing - the General Election. I never had any doubts that the Conservatives would win, but the landslide victory was a surprise. I’d always thought that a hung parliament was the best I could hope for, but there wasn’t remotely a chance of that.

I despair. A majority of the country has voted for the vilest, most deceitful party I’ve ever known in the UK. The message is:

If you consistently lie, you win.
If you’re openly racist, and embolden nationalist idiots, you win.
If you avoid scrutiny by hiding in a fridge, you win.
If you promise to fix things, despite being in power for almost 10 years, you win.

We live in a consequence-free world it seems.The biggest reason I’m hearing from people is “Ooooh, but I couldn’t vote for Corbyn”. I didn’t always agree with him (my allegiance is with the Green Party), but he would’ve been infinitely better for the country than Johnson. Whatever the reasons, I’m really depressed about it all.