Weeknotes 15.11

(Just like many others, I’m giving the idea of week notes a go)

  • The week started well, with a male and female Goldeneye turning up at my local patch at Rushy Common. A rare day of good weather to go birding, then the rest of the week of the week has been a grim deluge. Numbers of wildfowl have been steadily increasing, and a flock of about 300 Tufted Duck flying overhead was a treat (what a noise!)

  • John and I met on Monday and Tuesday evening and recorded another episode of the Rissington Podcast, which is now being edited. John’s new minimalist recoding kit makes it really easy and inconspicuous to record in a pub. Very exciting!

  • Mid-week I was able to launch a new website for Kezzler, a client in Oslo, which is the first project I’ve built entirely in Statamic. While I don’t see a need to replace Textpattern on this site, Statamic is without doubt what I’ll use for all my client’s sites in future. It feels so flexible and logical - I can build anything they’ll need. There’s still work to do on the design and content, but it feels good to have got this far, and not be using a Wordpress installation with a zillion plugins and all the clutter that creates.

  • The rest of the week has been a big struggle with lurgy, and I’ve been more or less wiped out.

  • Fortunately, there is an epic new album out by Hammock “Silencia” to relax to. One for the headphones.


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