Weeknotes 22.11

  • It’s taken a long time to shake off lurgey, but I’m finally feeling alive again!

  • Episode 23 of the The Rissington Podcast was released, and judging by Twitter reaction, the Greggs revelation was the most surprising. I’m no food snob, and neither is John. We’re going to try and record a Christmas episode, and John has already planned a Pam Ayres style interlude for it.

  • We’ve made a small breakthrough in “getting Leigh’s pottery kiln hard-wired in”, thanks the discovery by an electrician that our garage already has a suitable cabling to the mains. Just needs some small tweaks to make it safe to use. We’ll also need to upgrade the kiln, so that it can get the higher temperatures that are needed.

  • Searching for a live page filtering functionality for a client project has led me to Mixitup which worked great. I particularly love the fact that it’s dependency-free (doesn’t even need jquery) and can be installed with npm/bower etc. which is becoming rarer these days. I’ll link to that when it’s live.

  • The album that’s been on heavy rotation this week is ‘New Hell’ by Michigan-based trio Greet Death. Shoegazey noisy guitars but with elements of other genres like stoner rock. The title track (which ends the album) and ‘Strange Days’ are my favourites:


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