What happens when the Pandorica opens?

We’ve only got 3 episodes left in Season 5 of Dr Who, the 2 part finale (“The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang”) and next week’s wacky-looking “The Lodger” starring James Corden. This means that it’s now possible to tell what bits from the Season 5 trailer are from the finale! While it’s possible that some of what’s left is from The Lodger, I’m pretty sure that the final involves:

  • River Song. (we knew she’d be in it anyway from the giveaway line “I’ll see you again when the Pandorica opens”)
  • Cybermen, one of which has one arm, and had to pick up it’s own head
  • Roman soldiers
  • Stonehenge
  • An underground cave/labyrinth/catacomb (underneath Stonehenge?)
  • Horses

I’ve uploaded a Flickr set of video captures for anyone that’s interested.



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