What's goin' on

Just a quick update - this is my last night sunning my pale English body in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. The family are alive and well, and I’ve barely touched the laptop since Christmas Eve. Its certainly the longest I’ve ever been able to go without email or RSS Feeds, but I will soon have to face them.

As well as ‘what we did in Sydney’, I’ve got the following blog posts in the slow cooker for sometime soonish:

  • Textile preview in MarsEdit
  • How to use NetNewsWire 2 as a Browser
  • Skinning web sites in Safari with PithHelmet
  • Looking for a link between Faith and Web Standards
  • Textpattern Notes 5 - creating a Portfolio section.

And the usual browser stuff of course! I’ve also (finally) got my act together and organised flights and hotel for SXSW. I look forward to meeting everyone!


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