Why Squarespace logo designer is a good thing

So, Squarespace launched it’s Logo Designer this week, and as expected, there was a lot of vitriol and scoffing on the Twitters. However, while I had a chuckle creating the above logo, I stated at the time:

For the record, I don’t see anything wrong with the Squarespace Logo Generator. It is what it is, and for some people its all they need.

— Jon Hicks (@Hicksdesign) January 23, 2014

Tom Actman writing for Creative Review sums it up nicely:

The issue for many it seems is that this new service cheapens their own offering, or somewhat undermines their own skills. Neither are the case. McDonald’s can comfortably exist alongside Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck. They both offer a culinary solution, but they’re not in competition with each other, or importantly, trying to be.

In fact, I think the Squarespace generator is a superb way for someone to get started with some sort attractive identifying mark, without the reliance on shitty clip art or standard MS Office fonts. As Tom goes on to say “The market gets saturated with bland and familiar logos, driving good clients towards great designers for better stand out”. Exactly!

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