Bryan Font

John Bryan Hicks (1932–2021) was an architect, photographer, railway enthusiast and most importantly my Dad. Bryan is a free, single-weight open type font, a faithful digital recreation of his distinctive handwriting.

If you use and enjoy this font, please consider donating to Parkinsons UK in his memory. You can read more about Dad and the creation of the font in the Journal.



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I've mostly concentrated on adding characters that I've found examples of in my Dads' handwriting, so you may find some crucial glyph missing. Let me know if you have a need for a particular glyph, and I might add it in the future.

Version History

1.3: 14.7.21

1.2: 29.6.21

1.1: 24.6.21
Added Western, Central and South European glyphs (Diacritics & characters such as sharp-s ß)
Tweaks to lowercase P

1.0: 18.6.21
Initial release


You may:

You may not redistribute, charge for or modify this font in any way.