Handbags! Sticker Pack For iMessage

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An assortment of bags, from posh Mulberry Handbags to a tartan shopping trolley

Have you ever read a snide, bumptious or haughty message and wished you could reply with a raised handbag and a high-pitched mocking call of “ooOOooh!”?

Another assortment of bags, including a Rapha musette and Bloomingdales brown bag

First there was the site ooOO, and now you can retort in iMessage with this handy sticker pack! Choose from twenty one styles of bag: from traditional to designer as well as more esoteric types (such as a cyclists’ musette). Press and hold to lift off and layer stickers – add an “ooOOH!” speech balloon on top or combine bags for more power! For the best effect, place on top of a selfie!

Handbags! Sticker Pack is now available from the App Store for just £0.99.


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