Troika #33: Endings

A homage to the last part of film credits, where the music is often listed

It’s been too long since I last managed to squeeze out a Troika, but it it’s still very much a project I want to continue!

So, in this episode I“m looking at ‘Endings’, those last tracks on an album that have a particular ‘End credits of a film’ feel about them. This is something I’ve blogged about before in 2006, and these three tracks feature in that original top ten. They are:

  1. "Sandpit" by Curve (from “Doppelgänger”)
  2. "Burger Queen" by Placebo (from “Without you I’m nothing”)
  3. "Everyone but me" by Starflyer 59 (from “Americana”)

As I mention in the podcast, the last track is my favourite song of all time - I love the coda at the end. It’s epic!

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