Troika #36: Dark Mode

Abstract image of a sliver of light illuminating a golden sphere. It's actually the inside of my kitchen ceiling light

I've called this episode Dark Mode, partly in a nod to the UI trend, but mostly because as we enter Winter, light feels in short supply. I've already themed two Troika's on ambient/drone music, and this is the third (and won't be the last). This is the music that gives me comfort and escapism in the dark times.

  1. "Kitchen" by This Will Destroy You
    From the album Vespertine, a soundtrack made by the band for Jordan Kahn's restaurant of the same name. It's the most sparse of any of their material - pared back and stretched out.
  2. "Goldsmith" by Hammock
    From the soundtrack to film Columbus, where each track is named after the architect of a building in the Columbus, Indiana. In this case, Myron Goldsmith who designed the Republic Newspaper Office. This album is in my top ten of all time, it's my favourite Hammock album, and my go-to when I need to relax. (Apologies for referring to Columbus a 'town' btw!)
  3. "Seagull Line" by Nine is the Level
    My next door neighbour Doug surprised me recently with his new EP, Oscillations. I knew he was working on material, using his array of effects pedals, but wasn't sure what to expect. The result is an eclectic transition from dark drone to soothing ambient. I've chosen my personal favourite, "Seagull Line".

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